Festival History

Beefeater scarecrow at HarpoleThe Harpole Scarecrow Festival was started in 1997 to raise funds for All Saints Church in Harpole.

The continuing success of this endearing village tradition means that it has been possible to carry out a number of vital church projects and repairs over the past few years.

Postman Pat scarecrowIn 2007, a new village committee was established made up of representatives from Harpole village charities, and thankfully it includes members of the old church committee who have stayed around to pass on their expertise. Since then the money raised has been distributed to help a wide range of local community projects.


The spirit of Harpole's Scarecrow festival is all about our community working together to provide a weekend of simple family fun and creativity, whilst raising funds for the benefit of a wide variety of village projects and charitable causes.

The festival has now been running for  years and attracts over 10,000 visitors into the village, some visitors are travelling quite a distance as the event has now become a integral part of the village calendar. It is always a priority of the organising committee that the format of the weekend and activities are constantly reviewed so that visitors always have something new to experience when visiting.

All of the organisation for the weekend, is normally a running 12 month task from one year to the next is carried out by a group of committed volunteers, whether they are on the organising committee or helpers on the day, they all deserve a big thank you for making the Scarecrow Festival the success it is today.

Harpole Village Scarecrow FestivalHarpole Village Scarecrow FestivalHarpole Village Scarecrow Festival
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